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Walt Disney World Tips for All Ages.

Shopping in Orlando
Not to take away from the amazing shops available on Disney property, including some great shops in Downtown Disney, but for those of you who may want to engage in slightly more "adult" shopping while in the Orlando area, try taking in the Premium and Prime Outlets at either end of International Drive.

International Drive shopping is some of the best shopping available in America. Plus, the deals are incredible.

Pop Century Resort: A Five-Star Hotel to Me.

Pop Century Resort
Now, I know the difference between a 3-star and a  5-star hotel, but Pop Century Resort at Walt Disney World Florida had every amenity that I would ever want in a hotel - making it a 5-start hotel for me.

The resort has 3 pools, a kiddie pool, a restaurant, tiki bar, clean rooms, arcade, gift shop, ice cream shop, ping pong table, beautiful lake with a bridge to enjoy the view, buses to every park every 20 minutes, room service, cable TV, air conditioning, room service, and the royal treatment. I know there are people out there that are used to more than that, but for the rest of us, for the price, nothing beats this place.

Plus, for the nostalgic, the resort is covered with decades of history.

Check out my pics of Pop Century Resort.
Pics of Pop Century Resort

Make the most of your visit with these Walt Disney World tips!

Walt Disney World Tips
If you want to make the absolute most of out of your trip to Disney World in Orlando you will do well to listen to the advice of someone who has been to the park a dozen time already (and that is a conservative estimate). I hope these Walt Disney World tips help you in your next trip.

First of all, if you want the best experience the fast pass is something you need to be using. The fact that it allows you to skip the line for your favourite ride when you just walk up with your ticket is a definite benefit. Even thought the weather is usually nice, who really wants to stand around and wait in line where there are rides that you want to get on?

Having said that, remember that just because a line looks like it might be long, doesn’t necessarily mean it is moving slow or that you will be waiting forever. There are several attractions can hold dozens, even hundreds of people at the same time. Even being at the back of the line for these attractions can mean that you still have a good chance of getting in.

If there is a parade and you have no desire to see that specific parade, now would be the time to go seek out the most popular rides. Lines are quite a bit shorter when there is a parade going on. If you are going to spend your time at the Magic Kingdom try and come towards the end of the week. Most families that travel with children tend to visit early in the week, that way you may avoid some of the longer lines and crowds. Enjoy your stay!

Great Money Saving Tip for Families at Walt Disney World: Visit Their Site to Learn More.

Now, I am not a representative of Walt Disney World, nor do I get paid for referrals to their site. However, being the site that this is, and being as honest as I am: I must share with you a truly remarkable deal from the Walt Disney World website.

You must visit their site to learn more, as I can not promote deals when I have no control over the end date and no permission to promote to begin with.

Here is the link:


Check Out The Magic Kingdom at Christmas Time.

Magic Kingdom at Christmas
Magic Kingdom at Xmas.

What a beautiful site! The music, the characters, the food, the parades, and the Magic Kingdom lit up like crystal with lights shining through it. If you haven't been to Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party - don't wait another year, plan to go! I assure you, Disney World at Christmas time is amazing!